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Welcome to the Corvallis Living Guide Quiz, 

This exam will assess your knowledge of local laws and ordinances, safety and security, financial literacy, tenant rights and responsibilities and other material covered during the workshop.  If you pass (80% or higher), you will become a Preferred Renter and will be eligible for a $50 rental deposit discount provided by participating properties. 


Upon completion of the exam, you will receive a list of properties participating in the Preferred Renters Program.  This list is also available on the CCR website.


PLEASE NOTE: Pressing the back button will disable the exam.


PREFERRED RENTERS DATABASE: In the case that I pass the Corvallis Living Guide Quiz, I hereby grant permission for Corvallis Community Relations to include my name in a Preferred Renters database to be shared with Corvallis property managers.  Only my name will be available to housing providers participating in the Preferred Renters program, and only for the purpose of verifying my status as a Preferred Renter.

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