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Speaker Review: Please rate the following aspects
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Program Review: Please rate the following statements based on your agreement
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Learning Objectives: Please identify whether or not each learning objective was "Met" or "Not Met"
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How much of this content was new to you?

As a result of what you have learned today, what is the likelihood you will change your practice behaviors?

I'm a licensed professional. If I am under investigation, my licensing board expect I will:

I just received a letter from my licensing board advising me I am under investigation and requesting my written explanation with 21 days. My best response is to:

I have a substance abuse problem and I was reported to the board. I have a young family and I need to save my license. Which of the following behaviors will jeopardize my license or slow my return to practice?

I made a mistake -- a medication error. It was a look-alike, sound-alike prescription and no one was hurt, but I was still reported to the board. What can I do to minimize professional discipline?

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