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As a result of what you have learned today, what is the likelihood you will change your practice behaviors?

When preparing agents for dispensing or handling oral chemotherapy, pharmacy staff should wash their hands, don gloves, then wash hands and any material that touched the oral chemotherapy agent after it's placed in its final container for dispensing.

A patient comes to your pharmacy to fill fluconazole 200mg PO once daily for 7 days for completion of treatment for Candida albicans pyelonephritis. The patient is also taking imatinib 400mg PO daily for chronic myeloid leukemia. What resources would you use to determine if any drug interactions exist?

When educating patients/caregivers on oral chemotherapy administration, which of the following general recommendations is incorrect?

Which of the following is a possible side effect of anti-estrogen therapies for estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer?

A patient comes to your pharmacy asking for your recommendation for GERD symptoms. They are currently taking dasatinib. What over-the-counter medication would you recommend?

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