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Speaker Review: Please rate the following aspects
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Program Review: Please rate the following statements based on your agreement
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Learning Objectives: Please identify whether or not each learning objective was "Met" or "Not Met"
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How much of this content was new to you?

As a result of what you have learned today, what is the likelihood you will change your practice behaviors?

A CPT must complete 30 hours of continuing education, including a minimum of 4 hours of law and 2 hours of patient safety/error prevention.

A school has 10 students with severe peanut allergies and 45 teachers, including 3 trained in allergic response. How many epi-pens (maximum) can the pharmacist prescribe to the entity?

Which patient can a pharmacist prescribe naloxone to?

A patient comes to the pharmacy counter to dispose of unwanted medications. What should the pharmacist do?

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