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Speaker Review: Please rate the following aspects
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Program Review: Please rate the following statements based on your agreement
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Learning Objectives: Please identify whether or not each learning objective was "Met" or "Not Met"
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How much of this content was new to you?

As a result of what you have learned today, what is the likelihood you will change your practice behaviors?

Which of the following body fluids are considered infectious for HIV?

Which one of the following regimens would be a preferred initial regiment for HIV per the 2016-2017 DHHS guidelines?

A patient's HIV regiment includes tenofovir/emtricitabine (Truvada) with atazamavir (Reyataz) and ritonavir (Norvir). Which one of the following reasons should you avoid intranasal fluticasone or triamcinolone for nasal allergies in this patient?

JJ is a young male who has sex with other males. He has heard about a medication that can prevent HIV infection in MSM. He is in your pharmacy today to ask you about it. What advice can you give to JJ?

You have a 55-year old woman presenting at your pharmacy for a flu shot. She marks that she is HIV-positive on her vaccine questionnaire and upon consulting her, she tells you her CD4 count is above 200 cells/ml and her viral load is undetectable. Based on her CD4 count and viral load, what vaccines could she receive today?

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