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Speaker Review: Please rate the following aspects
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Program Review: Please rate the following statements based on your agreement
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Learning Objectives: Please identify whether or not each learning objective was "Met" or "Not Met"
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How much of this content was new to you?

As a result of what you have learned today, what is the likelihood you will change your practice behaviors?

As we better understand vascular biology we can now say that the primary role of the platelet is primary hemostasis (stopping bleeding) and which of the following?

For the average moderate risk patient with a 10-year ASCVD risk of 10%, which of the following accurately describes the magnitude of benefit and risk from aspirin therapy?

Major clinical organizations currently agree to disagree on the role of aspirin for primary prevention. Which of the following is true regarding current recommendations for the use of aspirin for primary prevention of ASCVD events?

According to the new USPSTF guidelines on the use of aspirin therapy, which of the following patients should be recommended to start prevention aspirin therapy?

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