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True or False: A qSOFA score of ≥2 in a patient inside of the ICU meets criteria for a sepsis diagnosis

JK is a 78 y/o M presenting to the ED with AMS, found to have a imaging concerning for pneumonia. Patient found to have HR = 88, WBC = 16/cells/mm3, T = 37°c, Glasgow Coma Scale score of 14, BP 93/60mmHg, RR 20. What is JK's SIRS & qSOFA score?

True or False: Predictive validity of qSOFA outside of the ICU is similar to SOFA

GH is a 62 y/o M admitted to the ICU for concern of sepsis. GH's SOFA score is 5 points higher than baseline and SIRS criteria of 3. GH remains hypotensive after adequate fluid resuscitation and his baseline lactate is 3mmol/L. GH now requires norepinephrine for maintaining mean arterial lood pressure >65mmHg. What is JM's diagnosis according to Sepsis-3 definitions?

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